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About Us


The Home Of Custom Tailored Perfection

The best online tailoring services can be found at Khiyatelibas. Our goal at Khiyatelibas is to make the tailoring process simple and enjoyable. We provide you with the most recent designs and patterns thanks to our talented design team, ensuring that you always look stylish.

Everything from expert suit fitting to little clothing modifications is covered by our extensive variety of tailoring and alteration services. Precision and meticulousness are priorities for our professional tailors at every stage. Free measurements, pickup, and timely delivery are available to you, adding to the convenience of your experience.

Khiyatelibas caters to both men and women, offering classic style, innovative fabric techniques, alluring hues, and a distinguished appearance. Our clothing is made with the intention of making a big impression and stirring up strong feelings in the wearer.

In Lahore, Khiyatelibas is your trusted provider of top-tier tailoring services. Men, women, and kids all receive flawless sewing from our talented tailors. We are dedicated to providing high-caliber workmanship and client satisfaction. We provide a wide range of alternatives to complement your style, including customized suits and dresses created to order.

Several Words About

Our Team

Our hardworking staff at KhiyateLibas is made up of knowledgeable and experienced tailors. Our staff is dedicated to provide our loyal customers with the best quality stitching services via a love for workmanship and an eye for detail. Each team member is essential to achieving excellent outcomes, from our imaginative designers to our meticulous, skilled tailors. We take pleasure in working closely with customers to comprehend their specific style preferences and customizing requirements. Our staff attempts to go above and beyond expectations by making clothes that improve our clients’ beauty and confidence. You may rely on KhiyateLibas for excellent, individually personalized services.

Our Gallery of Tailored Elegance

Khiyatelibas Mission

Our goal is to provide the newest fashion trends and high-end apparel that exemplify pleasure and joy. We take great care when choosing colors and patterns to arouse excitement and passion while combining a hint of elegance. Our creations at Sohaay show our belief in the seamless marriage of heritage, culture, and contemporary. Our gowns are the result of great thought, with distinctive designs and unusual color selections. Our entire aesthetic seeks to provide attire that radiates grace, elegance, and charm. New clients are drawn in by this strategy and are overwhelmingly pleased with the outcomes!

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