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Women's Suit Alteration

Types Of Women's Suit Alteration


Our talented tailors at KhiyateLibas are experts in hemming clothing, ensuring that your outfits fit perfectly. We carefully alter hems to your chosen length, increasing the fit and style of your clothing. For a confident and polished appearance, say goodbye to ill-fitting hems and hello to expertly cut apparel.


KhiyateLibas is an expert in resizing clothing so that everything in your closet fits flawlessly. Our skilled tailors skilfully alter your clothes to a comfortable and attractive fit, whether it’s a size up or down. Instead of letting misfitting clothing take up space in your wardrobe, let us turn them into fashionable, correctly proportioned outfits for every occasion.

Sleeve adjustments

KhiyateLibas specializes in adjusting clothing sleeves so that your clothing fits exactly. Your sleeves will be expertly altered by our skilled tailors, whether you want them shortened or longer. Say goodbye to awkward sleeves and welcome to a comfortable fit that perfectly matches your style.

Abaya Resizing

KhiyateLibas excels in abaya alterations, ensuring that your abayas are tailored to perfection. Our proficient tailors skillfully adjust your abayas to provide both comfort and an elegant fit, whether it’s a size alteration to make it smaller or larger. Rather than allowing ill-fitting abayas to occupy space in your wardrobe, entrust us to transform them into stylish, well-proportioned garments suitable for every occasion.

Trouser Resizing

KhiyateLibas specializes in precisely tailoring pants to guarantee a proper fit. Our master tailors skillfully adjust pants, whether you need them to be longer or shorter. Say goodbye to uncomfortable trouser lengths and hello to a relaxed fit that flawlessly accentuates your style.

Why Choose Our Women's Suit Alteration

Your desire for exceptional quality and precisely tailored clothing is the reason for your decision to entrust Khiyatelibas with the alterations of your dresses and skirts. Our skilled staff of seamstresses and tailors at Khiyatelibas is well-known for their accuracy and painstaking attention to detail, guaranteeing that your apparel is handled with the highest care.Because of the high-quality materials and cutting-edge modification methods we use, your outfit will look great for years to come, making your investment well worth it. From small tweaks to major makeovers, Khiyatelibas provides a broad range of alteration services that are all catered to your particular tastes and needs. In order to realize your vision, we strongly promote open communication, making your teamwork with our personnel an essential part of the process.Furthermore, you won’t have to wait around for extra time to enjoy your professionally tailored clothes because to our constant commitment to rapid service. Selecting Khiyatelibas is about more than just changing your clothes; it’s about improving your comfort, confidence, and sense of style. You are welcome to benefit from our unmatched craftsmanship and steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. Choose Khiyatelibas for a tailoring experience that expertly combines experience, dependability, customization, and excellent service, culminating in garments that not only fit you perfectly but also capture your unique style and personality.

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